Your Foodservice Customers are Meeting the Demand for Online Delivery and Digital Payments. Can You?

Dave Foreman

2020 saw the worldwide health crisis of COVID-19 impact nearly every facet of the world, irrevocably changing businesses of all types and highlighting the need for companies to have forward thinking solutions for new and old problems alike. One industry that was massively affected by the crisis was the food service and distribution sector, who had to deal with near constant shifts in business with next to no notice as demand in stores surged, restaurants closed, then reopened, then closed again. With these changes in mind, one key trend to watch is the uptick in online and digital payments, as customers and consumers attempt to cut down on in-person interactions.

According to the latest insights from Comscore’s Emerging Digital Payments Survey there was a 14% increase in digital buyers who ordered food online from the previous year, sending the number to 31%. They also reported that 36% of digital buyers responded that they ordered online more often during the pandemic. This has been a boon for companies like UberEats and DoorDash, who both posted massive increases as well, with UberEats posting a staggering 58% increase in use.

What does this mean, however, for distributors? The bottom line is that distributors have to rise to the trends that their customers, in this case restaurants, are involved in, and embrace digital delivery and payment options. A modern, agile ERP solution such as Prime FoodService Software within the Acumatica framework gives distributors a wide range of options to help maximize its resources and push into the 21st century.

A modern, agile ERP will allow distributors to better serve their clients, automating and streamlining a wide array of processes. It will also allow for quick and easy setup of online purchasing, streamlining with other sales systems for easy order fulfillment. By eliminating the need for in person payments distributors are not only making life easier for their clients, but also keeping their drivers and salespeople safe by minimizing the risks of in-person contact.

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As the worldwide health crisis continues into its second year, businesses are having to ask themselves if they are doing all they can to meet the challenges it has brought. Food distributors can take a big step towards meeting them by switching to an agile, modern ERP solution.