Why Choose the Cloud for Food Service Distribution?

Dave Foreman

When choosing a new ERP platform or business management software platform, there are many considerations a food distribution company should take into account. One of the most important is whether to go with a traditional, on-site solution or a more modern cloud-based platform. While some may be inclined to stick with the well-known but outdated on-site solution, forward thinking companies, those looking to be top-of-the-line, will turn to the cloud, as it presents several advantages.

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A key benefit of choosing to go with a cloud-based solution (also known as SaaS, or software as a service) is the drastically reduced up-front cost when compared to an on-site solution. SaaS solutions lack the costly need for installing and maintaining on premises servers, databases, and other infrastructure that would be required for an on-site solution. These initial setup concerns can make a large difference in the short-term financial forecasts for a company, especially in unsure times.


As stated above, cloud-based solutions do not require intricate on-site installations. Rather, these SaaS solutions are set up for a company by experienced, dedicated professionals who have often set up hundreds, if not thousands of companies. These setups are done externally, by the provider, meaning that infrastructure and platform concerns are eliminated from the word go. This also extends to testing and sandbox capabilities, meaning that long waits for on-site servers to be freed up are a thing of the past. This setup also means that users are created with the appropriate functionality and access, eliminating the back and forth that is sometimes inherent in creating users for an on-site solution.


A cloud-based platform has another key advantage over legacy, on-site systems, that of scalability. Due to the fact that it is not tethered to a physical server a cloud-based solution can handle rapid increases in data, user, or computing volume without any negative impact on business operation. In a rapidly evolving industry such as food supply this can be vital, as shortages or runs on a particular item can happen quickly and without warning.


An unfortunate fact of life is that disasters occur and can disrupt even the most well-run businesses. By choosing a cloud-based solution your data is protected, not stored in one place that could be impacted by inclement weather, an illness outbreak, or other natural disaster. A cloud-based solution also allows users to access the data remotely, making work-from-home a far easier option, something that is vital in the current world climate.

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Make the Right Choice for your Business

A cloud-based solution offers a wide variety of key advantages to a food distributor, both financial and operational. From ease of implementation to disaster protection, a SaaS solution such as Prime FoodService Software, built in the Acumatica cloud ERP framework, is the obvious choice for distributors looking to remain top-of-class with their customers.

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