The Right Food Distribution Tech to Tackle Robotics Trends

Dave Foreman

The use of robotics in warehouses is on the rise, delivering automation and artificial intelligence technology that streamlines and speeds up the distribution process. Foodservice distributors need to adapt their businesses to this emerging technology to stay competitive. 

The Growing Importance of Robotics and Automation

PitchBook found that logistics-focused robotics and automation companies have received $1.2 billion in U.S. venture capital investments since 2015. In 2019 alone, $357.2 million in deals took place. Two of the categories focused on with this round of investments includes self-driving trucks, freight data, and freight tracking. As of 2018, only 3 percent of global warehouses employed robotic technology. ABI Research estimates this number will jump to 28 percent by 2025. 

Why Robotics and Automation is Essential for Food Service Distributors

Food service distributors must keep pace with changing technology so their systems are prepared to support warehouse robotics. Without advance preparation, it becomes difficult to retrofit robotic solutions into existing warehouse and distribution systems. Falling behind on the technology front can lead to a poor customer experience, lower productivity, and a devastating impact to the company’s bottom line. Maintaining a competitive advantage may be impossible due to the advantages offered by AI and Machine Learning technology in automation. 

Implementing Food Service Distribution Automation 

A strong and versatile foundation is the key to becoming a tech-forward food service distribution company. Prime FoodService Software, which is built in the Acumatic Cloud ERP, is a modern solution designed for food distribution. It provides a single source of data for the entire organization and promotes adoption of AI and Machine Learning technology into warehouse operations. Companies can streamline workflows, optimize warehouse management, and have at-a-glance access to real-time data. This modern platform is designed for seamless integration into popular food service distribution software. 

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