Steps to Ensure Supply Chain Success in 2023

Dave Foreman

Supply chain issues have become the new normal for businesses of all sorts during the last few years, and unfortunately they show no signs of ceasing anytime soon. Businesses are being forced to come up with new, innovative approaches to solving problems. An agile, modern ERP system such as Prime FoodService can help food distributors tackle supply chain issues today and in the future.

Key points to consider:

Visibility is Key

End-to-end visibility is an important advantage that food distributors are becoming increasingly unable to live without. If you are unable to see the full supply chain, how can you address specific issues popping up within it?

Prime FoodService offers distributors the ability to see all aspects of their business, including supply chain, from any internet connected device, meaning users are never far from full insight into their business. The ability to create custom alerts allows for a proactive approach to problem solving, leading to happier clients and better customer retention.

Real-Time Insights Allow for Expanded Supply

With supply shortages increasingly common the ability to identify and pin down new sources of supply is vital. In the past this was a long, time consuming, offline process. By utilizing modern ERP distributors can create digital networks, allowing for faster, data-driven, online sourcing of materials and products.

Prime FoodService offers real-time access to in-depth dashboards and business insights, allowing for snap decision making with up to date data, no matter the situation.

Integration, Integration, Integration

Most legacy systems operate in a compartmentalized fashion- different functions are locked into different systems, most of which don’t communicate well with each other, if at all. Modern, agile ERP systems are all in one, with everything from financials to warehouse management housed in the same platform. This integration gives businesses vital flexibility and accessibility, and allows for easier mitigation of supply chain issues.

With warehouse planning, freight budgeting, and in-depth inventory controls, Prime FoodService is the ideal integrated platform for food distributors looking to find new ways to deal with the inevitable supply chain issues.

See how Prime FoodService addresses all of these Supply Chain considerations with this on-demand webinar.