Selecting the Right Foodservice Distribution ERP System

Dave Foreman

Food distribution is a complicated industry with many moving parts. Historically distributors have relied on a multi-pronged approach for the systems that help run their business- one system for accounting, one for inventory, and so on. This has often been problematic- while each system is capable of handling its specific function without problems, they do not always communicate with each other, leaving important data siloed- in the hands of one department but totally cut off from all others.

While in the past this may have been an unfortunate necessary reality, that is no longer the case. A modern, agile ERP platform like Prime FoodService, built within the Acumatica framework, can erase the problem of data siloing permanently by integrating all the systems needed to run a food service business into one easy to navigate, intuitive platform. Prime offers distributors to see real-time data from across the entire platform from any internet-connected device, any time. This provides food distributors powerful improvements in a number of areas.

Supply Chain Issues

Due to the global health crisis of the last three years, supply chain issues have become an inescapable part of day-to-day operations for businesses of all kinds. The availability of products, or lack thereof, has become increasingly unreliable. For food distributors this can be particularly challenging, as grocery stores and restaurants require specific ingredients with only a small margin for replacements. Prime FoodService features customization alerts and order guides, allowing for instant reactions to shortages as they happen, allowing for a near seamless customer experience. No ERP platform can keep supply chain issues from happening, Prime FoodService can prevent them from derailing your entire operation.

Unifying Commerce Across All Channels

Supply chain issues are not the only change that popped up during COVID-19 that appear to be permanent. Customers seem to be keen on at least retaining the option of buying a physical product through non-physical means, even as many stores have gone back to in-store shopping. This sort of Omni-Channel commerce is something many legacy systems are not optimized for- if they can handle it at all. Prime FoodService, however, is a seamless omni-channel experience, allowing customers to choose whatever option works best for their unique needs.

Accounting and Analytics

Under Your Control- Financial operations can give you a headache- invoices, accounts receivable, payroll- the list feels never-ending. Prime FoodService, however, eliminates the headache through its intuitive, user-friendly system which leverages customizable reports and dashboards to take even the most intricate financial data and turn it into easy to read, actionable intelligence. These reports are not tied to any one function- everything from accounts payable to tax management can be broken down into reports. These reports are accessible by all users, meaning financial data is always readily available, ending the long, tedious wait for up-to-date information.

Manage Inventory

Inventory management can be one of the toughest tasks for food distributors. With many stocking hundreds of different items at a time, keeping track of how much of each is in stock, where it is, and how much it is priced for can be next to impossible without a solid platform to manage it. Prime FoodService not only offers those basic functions, but takes operations to new heights with lot tracking, forecasting, and workflow optimization. These functions all help mitigate human error and improve end-customer experience, and integrate with the other systems mentioned above for a complete, business encompassing platform.

Prime FoodService by Acumatica is the premiere agile ERP system for forward thinking food distributors. It’s service-focused, intuitive platform enables employees across the entirety of the company to maximize their success through easy to use tools, real time, always accessible data, and continual updates.

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