Prime FoodService Distribution ERP

Achieve more with Prime for food service distribution

Prime FoodService is a complete ERP solution for food distributors that will help streamline inventory, quickly create orders, and improve customer communications.

“I have never been more thankful that we are on “the Cloud”. I have spoken to many fellow foodservice companies that are not as fortunate as we are simply due to the capabilities that Prime FoodService and Acumatica have given us. We would not be doing what we are doing right now without it.”

– Liza Palmer Gipson, VP of Sales and Marketing for Palmer Foodservice in Shelbyville, Tennessee

Streamline the order process with an Order Entry screen that contains all the information necessary for anyone speaking to a buyer, chef, etc. to make the sale within a single screen, including:

  • Complete customer information including a customer aging summary with the ability to drill down into invoices
  • Order information including the total quantity, weight price, cost, gross profit and gross profit percentage
  • Item information such as quantity available, last sales quantity, price and date, current price, average cost, gross profit and gross profit percentage
  • Order Guides that list all the items that a particular customer has previously ordered as well as recommended items that the customer should be ordering based on their industry which increases the speed and efficiency of ordering and re-ordering as well as increases the possibility for up-selling.

See how Order Guides in Prime FoodService can work for you:

Since weight and quantities vary tremendously, a food distribution program needs the ability to track the weights of products throughout the delivery and distributor cycle and tie those to the ordering and accounting systems.

The catch weight calculation functionality in Prime allows companies to use different measures for an inventory item. Items counted in inventory in one unit of measure, such as bins, and sold in another unit of measure, such as gallons can be easily converted from one to the other in just a few quick steps.

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Enhancing your route optimization not only helps you keep your customers happy, but also helps to keep your costs low and your margins as wide as possible by saving on time and gas while reducing spoilage with prompt delivery.

Prime handles route management using both Routes and Trips.

See how Route Management in Prime FoodService Works:

A route consists of one or more trips. Each route is assigned a number, a day of the week, and a cut-off time. On the route, you can see all of the possible stops or customer locations that could be on that route in the most geographically advantageous order. However, any stop can be dragged and dropped to change the order as needed.

Once a shipment comes in that would be placed on a route, a trip is automatically generated. Each trip can also be attached to a zone and will be labeled with its parent route. You can also see the starting warehouse location (in case the product ends up elsewhere), the driver assigned, the vehicle to be used, and other metrics about travel and travel time.

Within a trip, stops will be ordered based on the sequence of the route, but can be re-ordered as needed.

Prime is completely accessible through a mobile app, so drivers can have all of the necessary trip information available to them on a mobile device. At each stop, the system captures GPS coordinates to confirm routing information. Drivers are able to record the amount of cash received, the form of payment, whether it was check or cash, or accept credit cards and align it with the invoice.

When the driver returns, you can total the amount that the driver has collected and reconcile the amounts. If the numbers align, you can release it and it will apply the cash to the invoices. You will then get a deposit report for bank reconciliation.

Leverage the complete WMS capabilities in Acumatica to:


  • Upgrade receiving, inventory, and fulfillment


  • Automate manual tasks that often lead to errors and rework
  • Perform more transactions with fewer errors and fewer employees
  • Reduce training costs and allow seasonal workers to become productive more quickly


  • Identify in-stock/out-of-stock items across multiple facilities
  • Tailor mobile workflows on barcode scanners and mobile devices to update receipts, inventory, and shipments


  • Use an automated, streamlined process to pick, pack, and ship the right product at the right quantity
  • Offer a smooth return process by automatically including packing slip, instructions, easy return options, and return labels

Prime FoodService Software also seamlessly integrates with industry-tested WMS platforms you may already have in place.

See Prime FoodService’s Inventory Management Capabilities:

Prime makes it easy for anyone in your organization who interacts with a customer to be equipped with all relevant information to have the most productive conversation. However, Prime doesn’t stop with just enabling your people. It can automate processes and empower your customers to serve themselves, making your people and processes more efficient while improving your customers’ experiences.

Prime can automatically send customers a custom price guide that is based on their typical order history in order to prompt re-orders in a timely fashion. Additionally, your customers can service themselves more effectively with self-service ordering through mobile barcode capture.

See the Prime FoodService Customer Self-Service Portal:

See the data that drives your business in real-time, role-based dashboards that let you see trends at a glance, catch areas of concern before they become problems, and make informed decisions that help you sell the right products to the right customers at the right time.

Each user can customize their own dashboard without having to code so that they see the most relevant real-time data. Drill down into any data point in a dashboard and access analysis tools with a click.

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Prime FoodService Software is the first ERP solution born in the cloud that was built with for food distributors and where the food industry is going. If you're ready to learn more about this complete solution to run your business in the cloud, view our on-demand webinar demo anytime!

Complete ERP Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an information system by which a food distribution company manages and integrates the important parts of its business. An ERP system for food service distributors typically integrates areas such as accounting, ordering and sales, customer service, purchasing, inventory, marketing, planning, and human resources.

Prime is built on the fastest growing cloud ERP platform in the industry, Acumatica cloud ERP. Its scalability, flexibility, and breadth of functionality provide a strong yet agile foundation on which to grow your food distribution business.


An ERP system reduces repetitive processes and the need to manually enter information.

Integrated Information

Instead of having data distributed throughout a number of separate applications that don’t talk to each other, all information is now accessible centrally. This greatly reduces the effort of keeping information consistent and up to date.


ERP software helps make reporting easier and more customizable. Because data from multiple areas is integrated, you can get meaningful related data on the same report, such order history by month or week and short shipments or substitutions.

Customer Service

Complete customer history, order history, recommended products, receivables, and more are all available to anyone who interacts with your customers to make those interactions more effective.


Centrally managed and always backed up, you will have access to the latest security protocols as well as the assurance your data is safe and available.