Picking Technology That’s Plugged In to Your Food Distribution Business

Dave Foreman

Recently, IFDA released the results of a poll they took inquiring what types of technology companies used when picking customer orders. The results showed a relatively even distribution across more traditional methods, such as paper labels and handheld scanning technology as well as more modern technology like voice picking.

While these results are not surprising, they do indicate a trend that deserves further consideration.

Order Picking Technology Poll by IFDA

Perils of Paper-Based Picking 

Organizations that exclusively use transitional paper labeling are exposing themselves to greater, and unnecessary, risks when compared to more forward-thinking companies.

First and foremost is the risk of human error while picking. Misreading labels, bad sorting, or mislabeled items can all cause orders to be filled incorrectly, creating a headache for the company and its customers alike.

There are also financial considerations, as the long term costs and waste associated with large amounts of paper and labels can add up, as well as the time spent paying employees to manually read and pick the correct items.

In all, leveraging paper for order picking is quickly becoming an ineffective solution.

Picking Up the Pace with Modern Picking Technology

woman with headset scanning box in warehouseMore forward thinking companies combine solutions such as voice picking and scanners to create a modern, efficient system. Systems such as these not only increase efficiency and accuracy of the picking process, but also constitute a savings of time and money when compared to the “old-fashioned” way.

These technologies, however, often require a modern platform to integrate with and work off of. Legacy, monolithic ERP systems rarely will be able to provide the accessibility and integration required.

Warehouse Worker with HeadsetInstead, leading companies are turning to a modern, agile solution like Prime FoodService Software, built within the Acumatica framework. Prime FoodService features a flexible API that was designed with integration in mind, making it the ideal choice for food service distribution companies looking to extend or enhance their capabilities with more modern picking technology. 

By employing a modern, agile ERP solution distributors can streamline the picking process with the latest technology, saving time and money, all while increasing efficiency and accuracy, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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