Overcoming Supply Chain Disruption with Prime Foodservice Software

Dave Foreman

With the current global health crisis still causing massive headaches and delays for a wide variety of businesses it has become increasingly important for such vital industries as food suppliers and other supply chain providers to find new ways to overcome these challenges.

Prime FoodService solution, provided as part of the Acumatica ERP platform, has several key features that make it the ideal solution for food supply companies looking to navigate the uncharted waters of the marketplace, all built on using data to make better, quicker decisions, allowing them to overcome supply chain issues quicker and more efficiently, saving time and protecting profits.

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Integrating third party data made easy

In business as in life, the party with the best data can make the best decisions, and the party that can make the best decisions will often be the most successful. Prime FoodService makes the data-integration process a key consideration, allowing users to quickly and easily import a variety of third-party data. By offering easy integration with a variety of third-party apps and data sources Prime FoodService allows its users to equip themselves with all the data they need to handle challenges and situations unique to their business.

See and track data in real time

As important as data is, it can only be useful for decision making if it is timely. If data is already out of date by the time it’s being used to make a business decision, it is useless. Prime FoodService offers tools such as order guides to allow salespeople to see up-to-date information on a customer’s order history, allowing them to quickly analyze ordering trends and diagnose issues before they are apparent to their buyers. This real-time visibility also allows providers to see any potential breaks in the supply chain as they happen, letting them act immediately to correct them and cause as little disruption for their customers as possible.

Flexible Pricing for better results

An added complication facing food supply companies in the current global health crisis is the off and on availability of some food items causing rapid fluctuations in their pricing. Prime FoodService gives users multiple tools to set and edit price points on the items they supply. With Prime FoodService users can set prices for individual items, families of items, and create exceptions within those setups. Users also have the ability to set price points with an eye to maintaining specific margins, which can be changed directly within the program with ease. These tools can help maximize profits even during the trying times the world is currently going through.

Modern agility to move in to the future

Prime FoodService is the perfect tool for linking up with suppliers who are themselves moving in to the future with a more modern, agile operation. Digitizing supply chains has become an increasingly important priority for many businesses, and Prime FoodService is an ideal tool for interfacing with those suppliers moving in to the future. The current health crisis is not going to be the last major world event to impact food supply companies, and by implementing a complete, modern ERP platform those companies can prepare for the future.

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