Optimize Your Order Management to Enhance Your Business

Dave Foreman

Food Distributors face unique complications their brethren in other distribution industries do not. In addition to all the usual concerns distributors face they also have to deal with the added hurdle of many, if not most, of their wares being perishable, meaning there is no time to waste when it comes to dealing with the inevitable issues that arise in the process.

The ability to proactively address and handle these sorts of issues is one of the key points of any customer service plan, and with an agile, industry specific ERP platform like Prime FoodService allows food distributors to tackle those issues and more, head on, separating themselves from the pack.

Prime FoodService, powered by Acumatica, delivers at top-of-the line agile ERP platform for food distributors, featuring an innovative, intuitive order management system that not only streamlines processes but helps address customer issues before they arise.

One of the biggest issues facing food distributors are the inevitable disruptions of the supply chain- short shipments or outright unavailable items.  Distributors are able to set up automatic alerts that trigger when items a customer have ordered are unavailable, allowing for quick resolution to the issue before it becomes a problem.

Prime FoodService is a complete ERP package, meaning that the order management software works seamlessly with all other aspects of the business, including financials and, perhaps most importantly, inventory management. These modules are all updated in real-time, erasing any lag in information between departments and ensuring that customers are always being given accurate, up to date data to make the best decision possible. Add in the fact that Prime is accessible via any internet connected device, businesses are never left without access to their data.


By choosing an agile, modern ERP system food distributors can position themselves to be leaders in an ever-evolving market. With its industry-specific features and in-depth order entry options Prime FoodService is the obvious choice.

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