Mobile Delivery Management Makes Up for Food Delivery Driver Shortage

Dave Foreman

According to a 2019 study conducted by the International Food Distributors Association, 43.2% of respondents said the food delivery driver shortage was the single biggest challenge their business was facing right now. That came in ahead of freight issues (24.3%), sales growth (10.8%), competition with non-traditional distributors like e-commerce or club stores (10.8%) and others (10.8%).

This issue hasn’t improved over the last 2 years. In less formal poll in mid-March 2021, IFDA found that a staggering 68.2% of respondents struggled to find enough drivers to keep up with delivery demand. 

IFDA Driver Shortage Poll Results

That number only dropped to 64.2% by April 2021:

IFDA Poll - Driver Shortage April 2021

Respondents indicated a relatively equal distribution of impacts that the driver shortage is having on their companies including rising labor costs (22.7%), meeting customer demand for delivery frequency (22.7%), scheduling (19.4%), growing sales (19.4%), and other consequences (15.6%). 

Consequences of Driver Shortage 2021

This, in essence, is why a forward-thinking and sophisticated route optimization and mobile delivery management tool like Prime FoodService is so critical. Built on the foundation of the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform, it’s a way for food distributors to not only make the most out of the delivery drivers they have on staff, but also remain competitive in an industry that is going through the type of problem that may only get worse before it gets better.

Route Optimization and Mobile Delivery Management Made Easy

Prime FoodService Software was built to give managers and distributors a way to view their entire business – including all driver activity – from a simple, sleek and easy-to-use dashboard. A single view lets them improve workflow throughout the company, making sure that all existing drivers are using the most efficient routes possible to maximize productivity on a daily basis.

In just a few quick mouse clicks, you can create customer-specific routes that consist of one or more trips. At the time an order is placed, the next available trip for that order will automatically be selected based on pre-existing trip order cut-off data. That includes the days drivers will be in certain areas, the times orders are placed, and more.

This means that not only are your drivers always taking the most effective routes possible on a daily basis, but you’re also increasing the level of service and convenience that you’re able to offer to your customers as well.

It’s truly a situation where everybody wins, and it’s all possible thanks to the state-of-the-art approach to route optimization that only Prime FoodService software brings to the table.

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Originally posted March 22, 2019. Updated and reposted March 23, 2021 with new research information. Updated and reposted May 5, 2021 with new research information.