Managing Routes and Trips for Efficient Food Distribution Delivery


Scheduling and managing delivery routes is a vital aspect of the food supply industry. Prime FoodService Software offers distribution companies the ability to easily schedule and edit delivery routes for orders, as well as key tools for delivery drivers to make the entire delivery process an efficient, seamless operation with its Route Management function.

Routes are entered directly in to Prime FoodService Software, with all of the stops, cut-off times, and days of the week all able to be set up. Users can then drag and drop all of the stops they have entered, ensuring that they are in the optimal, most efficient order. Users will also see when the next available time for that route is, ensuring all deadlines can be met.

Using Prime FoodService Software allows users to see every step of the ordering and delivery process from one integrated dashboard, from Warehouse to Delivery Driver. By entering orders in to the same system the warehouse is using Salespeople can be confident there will be no missing items, the drivers can be confident the order has been packed correctly, and the receivables departments can be sure that the billing information is all accurate. Orders can be marked as paid and funds confirmed all within the system, which updates automatically, ensuring there is never a gap in information between departments.

Prime FoodService Software offers users at every level, from sales to delivery, the ability to see complete information on every order received. By using Route Management distribution companies can be assured their delivery drivers are taking the best, most efficient routes on every trip, maximizing productivity as well as ensuring that clients are receiving the best possible service. 

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