Join the Next-Gen Supply Chain Market with Modern Food Service Distribution ERP

Dave Foreman

Food distributors need to create a flexible, modern technology foundation for their businesses to take advantage of the supply chain digitalization that’s happening, or be out-paced by the competition. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotics are transforming the supply chain and making it a requirement to thrive and grow in the digital world. Here’s what you need to know about these emerging technologies and how to capitalize on the current trends. 

The Influence of AI, ML, and Robotics on the Digitalization of Supply Chain Data 

Logistics IQ published a survey covering the next generation supply chain market and found that, by 2025, it will reach $75 billion. A digital supply chain brings many benefits, such as improving transparency, gaining more visibility into each step of the chain, opening up more opportunities to collect and analyze data, and streamlining the adoption of optimizations throughout the process. The companies that have implemented end-to-end digitization of the supply chain receive real-time data that allow them to react quickly to changing needs as they occur. AI, ML, and robotics are three major technologies that have been helping to drive these supply chain digitization efforts forward. 

Autonomous robots work well in many parts of the supply chain, although they’re primarily known for operating in the warehouse environment. Some companies are working on deploying robots for last-mile delivery and other functionality, with a vast potential moving forward. AI and ML also fit in throughout the supply chain, whether they’re surfacing insights from vast data sets or automating tedious tasks that are prone to human-error. A few of the areas they help with include inventory management and supply chain resource planning. 

Creating a Modern Digital Foundation for Food Distribution Businesses 

Ready to embrace a digital supply chain for your food distribution business?

Prime Food Service Software, built into the Acumatica framework, is optimized for the unique needs that you encounter as a food industry organization. It provides you with the modern digital foundation that you need to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world. This platform is user-friendly and flexible, with a powerful mix of the latest technologies to help you keep up with the constant changes in the supply chain logistics market. Both AI and ML are used throughout Acumatica to create a highly personalized and intelligent solution with substantial automation and integration throughout the food distribution supply chain. 

It’s time to modernize your food distribution business supply chain. Contact us today to discuss the transformations that Prime Food Service Software has to offer. 

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