How Technology Helps Tackle Top Food Distribution Management Objectives

Dave Foreman

The food distribution industry has entered a state of accelerated growth. (Learn more in our recent article)

Forward thinking food distribution companies are always looking for an advantage, especially during times of rapid growth. By partnering with an agile, modern ERP solution such as Prime FoodService by Acumatica distributors can leverage technology to better achieve their goals, whether they are in a growth period or trying to catch up to the market.

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Struggling to Support Customer’s Growth? Catch Up with Technology

A modern, agile ERP solution such as Prime FoodService can allow companies to catch up with the trends, meet customer’s needs, and exceed management expectations. By utilizing the in-depth, real time data dashboards in Prime distributors can work to eliminate more marginal opportunities that are not turning into profit, allowing for resources to be spent more efficiently. Users are able to see what products, customers, and even people are costing more than they are worth. Another use of these dashboards is to enhance due diligence procedures, allowing for a full view of customer history- vital for determining whether or not to extend credit. Businesses can also utilize the built-in CRM functionality to allocate additional resources to sales and marketing, increasing the business profile in key areas.

Achieve Management Goals by Leveraging Technology

For companies that are already in accelerated growth mode an agile ERP system such as Prime FoodService offers key tools to achieve management goals in a productive, efficient manner. For companies looking to establish or improve corporate oversight Prime allows for in depth visibility thanks to its intuitive dashboards, as well as simplifying audit trails for users.

Prime’s order guide functionality allows for easy cross and upselling opportunities, allowing for sales to be closed easier, and increasing the all-important profit margins. Flexible pricing options also allow for enhanced controls for spacing out price increases. Its intuitive, user friendly UI also allows for easy training as new employees are brought on as the business grows.


Whether your business is looking to catch up with the trends or is already in a state of accelerated growth, a modern, agile ERP platform is the tool needed to reach the next level. By partnering with a complete, industry-focused solution like Prime FoodService by Acumatica food distributors arm themselves with the tools needed to maximize growth and profit.

Get to know all that Prime FoodService has to offer with an on-demand demo!