Why Food Suppliers Need to Stay on Top of Restaurant Tech Trends


Restaurants are embracing emerging technology tools that can help them boost their speed of operations, allow more work to be done with fewer hands on the floor, and provide them with real-time data on which to base business decisions. Even simple concepts, like touchscreens on the table so that customers can enter their own order, result in:

  • Faster order entry
  • Higher consumption which leads to higher profits
  • 100% data capture of demand for trend analysis
  • More accurate purchasing practices based on enhanced analytics

Young cheerful female worker is holding a tablet and smiling in factory cargo area.

With all of this digital data at their finger-tips, it follows that restaurants will increasingly look to engage with suppliers who are willing to enable electronic ordering. No surprise, the same businesses will then expect suppliers to be able to accept their electronic data and translate it into inventory fulfillment very quickly.

It’s About the Data

Suppliers need to anticipate how restaurants are generating their information, what format it will come in, and how that data will be expected to be used for order fulfillment. Whether it be a digital manifest or a barcode or q-code data package, restaurants’ expectations will increase that suppliers get with the program and provide data transfer options versus traditional order lists.

To both accommodate and build long-term relationships suppliers should also think about what platforms they will have that can accommodate clients as well as gently lock them into unique data relationships. Doing so then keeps such clients with a supplier longer, making it harder to simply walk away and find a competitor providing the same data relationship. This does mean extending out data network resources with restaurants and building the infrastructure to supports such relationships, making them value-added elements to the food provider’s operations.

A New Order is Coming

The days of sitting in the dark for a phone order or waiting for a paper or simple email order are over. Restaurants are going into technology-enabled, leveraging modern systems, like Prime cloud ERP software, and suppliers need to both anticipate and leverage such tools to their strategic advantage for long-term viability. Otherwise, someone else is going to build that bridge first and take away those clients.

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