Flexible Pricing for Food Distribution

Dave Foreman

Prime FoodService software offers a number of key advantages to food supply companies, one of the most useful being a highly flexible, adaptable pricing system, allowing users to meet each of their customer’s needs easily and quickly, all from within one intuitive system.

Prime FoodService allows price rules to be set up for individual customers, a customer class, or for a price class. Prime FoodService’s structure is hierarchical, allowing users to easily see and move up a product’s tree, going from individual product to product class, with users able to set prices for both the parent and child, all unique to a particular customer.

These prices can be set in a number of ways. If users want to be definitive and granular, a fixed price can be set as X number of dollars for a particular item, or users can set rules such as ‘cost plus dollar amount’ in which the price would be set at item’s cost plus a particular dollar amount, target gross margin percentage, or even setting the price at “X percent over cost”.

The prices used to calculate these costs are also set up within the same system. By navigating to the particular item or item class, users can see the current cost settings and adjust them as needed based on changing circumstances. Users also have the ability to add in other factors such as overhead into their costs, allowing even more control over the bottom line.

Whether companies are using market cost, true average cost, last cost plus landed, or some combination of options, Prime FoodService has the ability to adapt to needs as they arise. These costs can be shown as a dollar amount, percentage, or a fixed price amount, meaning that no matter how the user wishes to see their costs, Prime FoodService is able to provide the information in whatever form is needed.

With the ability to set pricing based on customer and item, as well as options for item class or price class, Prime FoodService software is the ideal choice for food distribution companies looking for a flexible and adaptable way to set and manage pricing and costs.

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