Did Covid Expand Your Customer Base?

Dave Foreman

As the COVID-19 global health crisis has unfolded companies across the spectrum have been forced to adapt to and overcome countless unexpected obstacles. Food distribution companies have been hit particularly hard. While many have struggled, a surprising number of distributors reported growth- mainly by adding in new lines of business, or expanding previously under-serviced ones.

A recent IFDA poll showed that over half of respondents reported growth- 57%. These respondents all reported increases in customer base due to serving new lines of business- something that a modern, agile ERP solution is ideal for facilitating.

IFDA Poll on Customer Base Growth

Whether you’re looking to add direct to consumer, grocery/retail, or convenience business, Prime FoodService (powered by Acumatica) is the ideal solution for your expansion needs

A key feature for powering growth is Prime’s easy to use order guide functionality, allowing for sales team members to quickly adapt to new lines of businesses by offering suggested items that are relevant to the needs of new customers. These guides are intuitive, meaning no extended training for your sales team, allowing for a rapid shifting of attention to the new line of business.

Prime also offers a streamlined purchasing process, ensuring that the right products are always available for your customers, be they new or old. A complete ERP platform, Prime FoodService offers distributors the ability to pivot focus rapidly without having to change between systems- no matter the line of business your data will be housed in the same place. This versatility allows distributors to stay top of mind with customers no matter the circumstances or needs.

On the flip-side, distributors who choose not to operate with a modern ERP solution will find themselves struggling to adapt to the changes brought on by COVID-19, and will face stagnation if not outright losses. Agility and adaptability are vital in the current, constantly changing landscape, choosing to operate with a monolithic operating system can be a huge hindrance.

To ensure your food distribution company does not lag behind, get to know Prime FoodService Software with this on-demand webinar.