Calculating Catch Weight in Prime FoodService Distribution Software

Dave Foreman

Prime FoodService is a complete ERP platform built for food distributors within Acumatica Cloud ERP that helps streamline inventory, quickly create sales orders, and facilitate quality customer communications and service. 

For food service distributors, Prime provides a single-version of the truth, providing all relevant data to all employees in an accessible and efficient way. This makes commands for performing tasks, like converting Catch Weight, very easy to find and execute using the Prime Cloud software. Catch Weight can be quickly and easily calculated by using these 3 simple steps in Prime FoodService Software.

Prime Custom Catch Weight Calculation

The catch weight calculation functionality in Prime allows companies to use different measures for an inventory item. Items counted in inventory in one unit of measure, such as bins, and sold in another unit of measure, such as gallons can be easily converted from one to the other in just a few quick steps.

Create a Simulated Sales Order

First, navigate to the Sales Order screen, where you will fill in fields as necessary for creating a catch weight conversion table.

  1. Select the “Distribution” tab from main menu bar along the top of the screen.
  2. Select the “Sales Order” tab on the top left set of three work category tabs below the main menu bar.
  3. Select the “Sales Orders” item from the vertical task menu at the left of the screen.

Create a Simulated Sales Order

Populate a few fields in a blank sales order, to create a context for calculating catch weight.

  1. Move your cursor to the empty fields for filling in sales order details including Customer Name.
  2. Create a random Sales Order, using any stand-in customer name you wish, (like your company name) to create a simulated Sales Order.
  3. Enter a stand-in customer PO Number.

Populate the Product and Units of Measure Fields

Now that you have filled in your simulated company name and other details to create a Sales Order, select an inventory item with a unit of measure and amount that you can convert.

  1. Select the stock item from the drop down menu of distribution inventory on the Sales Order page.When a customer buys in gallons but the inventory arrives in bins. Notice that the unit of measure is populated in multiples of that unit in the conversion to the smaller unit. Acumatica designers have created what a “TRX unit”, or catch weight.
  2. Click on a stock item on the drop down inventory list. This will auto-populate the conversion table with the inventory unit of measurement and standard unit amount.

Create a Conversion Table

Now that you have automatically filled in the inventory unit into the catch weight conversion table, you can simply click on the To Unit field to execute the conversion to the unit to which you wish to convert the inventory unit. For example, the auto conversion calculator will convert the unit from bins to gallons, and the conversion tool will also display the equivalencies to show you, for example, how many gallons are equal to a bin of the stock material.

Conversion Flow Through

Prime automatically carries over the converted catch weight unit of measure to Purchase Orders, Warehousing, Shipping and all other relevant departments.