5 Tech Tools for Improving FoodService Distribution Insights


For most businesses coming up with metrics to gauge things such as efficiency and growth is not the problem. The problem they face, rather, is ensuring that the data being measured is accurate, and that those metrics are communicated to the appropriate parties in a timely manner for quick, enlightened decision making. Modern cloud ERP solutions such as Prime FoodService Software (built for foodservice distributors in the Acumatica platform) provide businesses the tools they need to ensure metrics aren’t just being recorded- they are powering decision making at all levels.

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Data Collection

An agile, modern ERP system will be fully capable of integrating with incoming data sources, allowing for real time analysis and sorting of vital information. Touchpoints as diverse as warehouse scanning, shipping applications, and carousels can all be connected by ERP platforms to automate data collection and ensure accuracy. The agile nature of a platform such as Acumatica, on which Prime FoodService was built, allows for “anytime, anywhere” approvals of time cards or order changes, ensuring there is no lag in the data being reported.

Artificial Intelligence

Modern ERP solutions such as Prime FoodService Software, built into the Acumatica platform, include native Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) components. These tools allow businesses to streamline financial practices such as account receivables, expense matching, and bank reconciliation. Machine Learning tools allow for improved user experiences as search results are optimized based on previous user interactions. Expected future technologies include AI powered tools to spot potential fraud in transaction registers.


Dashboards are essential to any ERP platform- they quickly and easily display relevant data users need to conduct their day to day jobs. These dashboards are powered by real-time data and enable users to make accurate, immediate decisions on situations that arise such as item shortages, sales shortfalls, and customer satisfaction. Custom dashboards are able to be assigned based on user role, and  users can power their work with a full array of charts, graphs, and data tables, as well as the ability to form custom inquires.

See the Company Sales Dashboard Here:


Reports and Inquiries

As stated above, custom inquires are able to be generated within Acumatica and Prime FoodService, and can be a vital tool for increasing and maintaining top performance. These custom inquires, however, can sometimes be beyond the capabilities of small business users, that’s why a full arsenal of pre-populated reports and inquires is a vital tool for any ERP platform to sport. Acumatica/Prime FoodService also offers a report designer to make creating new reports easier for less technically minded users. These documents are often key to making top-level decisions across the company.

See the Prime Reporting Tools here:

Notifications Workflow

Notifications of issues arising within a workflow can be vital – the quicker problems are seen the quicker they can be addressed, and the less impact on customers they have. Prime FoodService also features alerts that can be set up to automatically notify customers, not just users, when events such as product shortages arise, or when sales orders are shipped.


By choosing a modern, agile ERP platform with these powerful data-driven tools, such as Prime FoodService Software, businesses can position themselves for long term success. 

Learn more with the Foodservice Distribution Metrics that Matter eBook

Originally published July 12, 2022. Updated for accuracy and relevancy on October 12, 2022.