4 Ways Prime FoodService Software Makes Order Entry Easy

Dave Foreman

Though studies show that the labor shortage has dropped from the peak of the pandemic, it is still essential that Foodservice Distribution companies operate efficiently and make the most of the time their employees have.

One key way to increase efficiency is to make it as quick and easy as possible for people to enter orders. Sometimes, an order-entry method that is quick and efficient for one employee is not the most effective for another employee, or what works for one customer is not viable for another.

Prime FoodService Software provides 4 ways to enter orders quickly.

  1. Keyboard-Only Entry – For users who know your inventory well and not accustomed to using a mouse to navigate quickly through the system, Prime FoodService Software’s intuitive interface allows users to use only their keyboard to navigate through the order form, type to autofill item information, and adjust quantities.
  2. Order Guides – Customer Order Guides offer all salespeople the ability to see a complete order history for any of their customers.

    Each customer-specific order guide shows all of the items that the customer typically orders as well as any items manually added to the guide, such as up-sell opportunities or new products that may fit the customer’s needs. These products can be added to the guide as you go, including items not usually a part of the customer’s ordering trends. Additionally, ordering trends are tracked, allowing rules to be set up to alert salespeople when those trends are changing or when an order has potentially been missed.

    Order Guides also show the price history for each item so that the salesperson can quickly and easily address questions from the customer regarding price changes.

  3. Import Orders from Files – Allow users place orders by sending your salespeople a spreadsheet or other document. Their order document can be uploaded it directly into Prime FoodService Software with the easy Import button to avoid time-consuming order entry and potential errors.
    Order Import in Prime FoodService Software
  4. Copy Previous Orders – One very quick and easy way to enter a long order for a customer who has placed a long order in the past is to copy a previous order in the system. This capability automatically imports all line items on a previous order and enables users to update order quantities and edit items easily without having to re-enter dozens of line items each time a customer places an order.

Order entry is not the only area that Prime FoodService Software makes easier and more efficient. See a more complete demonstration on-demand.