4 Ways Food Distributors Analyze Data in Prime FoodService Software

Dave Foreman

The old cliché knowledge is power remains true for every business imaginable, and in the rapidly evolving world of food distribution knowledge comes in the form of data. But simply accumulating your businesses’ data is not enough for a distribution operation to be successful- you have to be able to analyze it and act upon it.

By choosing Prime FoodService, built within the Acumatica framework, distributors arm themselves with the tools they need to not only access the entirety of their data, but to make it work for them. Here are four key ways Prime FoodService helps distributors harness the power of their data.


The most common, and possibly most powerful tool at your disposal within Prime FoodService is the in-depth dashboard functionality. These dashboards put all of a businesses’ data front and center, with a highly intuitive user interface allowing for rapid drill-down ability into every aspect of a business.

Prime FoodService Software dashboards update in real-time, allowing users to see all relevant orders, credits, support cases and more for a particular customer. They, like most screens within Prime FoodService, are fully drill-down capable, meaning users can click into individual customer profiles, orders, or support cases straight from the dashboard.

Communications to and from the customer are grouped in a separate tab, accessible from the dashboard, allowing users to see all back and forth with the customer without having to log into multiple systems, while also giving users the ability to leave notes within cases or on customer profiles straight from the dashboard.

These dashboards are able to be fully customized with any required fields, enabling users to cater their experience to their unique needs. They are also able to be easily sized for mobile, allowing them to be accessed on any device. This in-depth customization experience puts the right data in the hands of the right people at the right time, allowing them to do their jobs quicker, easier, and more efficiently.

Analysis Tools

While the dashboards are a powerful, global tool, food distributors need more specialized analysis capabilities. With advanced tools such as the sales/profitability analysis, distributors have the ability to dive deep into their financial situation at any time.

Prime users can run an analysis on any time frame they choose, populating all relevant data into a report. These reports are particularly useful for dealing with costs and margins, as they allow users to pinpoint under performing items (or customers) and drill in for detailed information about each listing. Users can also customize each view with any field required, and are also able to search within a particular field.

While inherently user-friendly, these analysis reports are able to be exported easily to Excel for further use.

These reports are ideal for arming businesses with up to date financial information, allowing them to maximize existing warehouse space and stock while lowering costs and over-purchasing. Forward-thinking businesses can use these powerful analysis tools to pinpoint trends and take advantage of them, rather than be forced to react.

Pivot Tables

One must-have tool for many users are the ever-present pivot tables. With easy access through a global search function and in-program help documentation, typical problems that stand in the way of users making the most of their tools are a not a factor.

Prime FoodService’s pivot tables are fully customizable, with any field supported by the system able to be added in- from financials to stocking. Searches and filters are also customizable, allowing users to focus on particular needs such as searching by geographic locale, restaurant type, or other specific criteria.

By allowing businesses to identify and focus in on problem areas pivot tables empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve and top of mind with customers.


The reporting suite in Prime FoodService is massive, with hundreds of standard reports ready to be run out of the box.

Prime FoodService also offers the ability to run custom reports, or to customize existing reports to zero in on the data a business requires. Reports can be ran in summary or detail, and can be focused on individual criteria such as class, item, or a particular date. Additional sorting options can be added in, again allowing users to add any field the system supports. All reports can also be exported as PDF, Excel, or HTML file types. Customized reports can also be saved as templates for future use, or set as a default option within the system.

As with all screens within Prime FoodService, there is deep drill-down functionality, making the reporting suite ideal for connecting multiple departments and ensuring the whole organization is on the same page, such as keeping communications updated between sales and collections departments. Tasks can also be auto-populated on invoices, such as follow-up dates.

A Complete ERP System Sets Distributors Up for Success

By harnessing the power of a modern, agile ERP platform Prime FoodService users empower themselves with all the tools they need to make the most of their data. By analyzing their data, not simply amassing it, distributors can take tighter control of their margins, streamline business processes, and position themselves to be top of mind with customers, all ensuring continuing, long-term success.

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