11 Stats Food Distributors Need to Track in Real Time


If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s how quickly things can change, especially when it comes to the food service distribution industry. Being able to see key business performance indicators in real-time, at a glance, is key to staying on top of these rapid changes in order to react and be proactive.

While there may be additional areas of your business that you need to track, most food distributors benefit from knowing where they stand in the following areas – split out by role.

Executive Management Team

The executive management team needs to see a broad swath of data from across the organization simultaneously from operations, sales, finance, and more.

This group needs to see:

  • Sales and Margin Data for various time periods
  • Cash Flow and Receivables
  • Overdue Receivables
  • Percent or Dollar Amount Increase or Decrease
  • At Risk Customers
  • Gross Margin over various time periods
  • Margin and Revenue together for comparison

Even with this data available at a glance in a dashboard, it’s vital to be able to drill down into the detail behind the graphs to better understand why the numbers are what they are.


It’s important for sales people to easily anything that has been short-shipped or substituted. This is especially critical first thing in the morning so that a sales person can see all items that were packed overnight that didn’t have the full quantity or were stocked-out and needed to be substituted so that they can reach out to customers right away about anything that might have changed overnight.

Sales Leadership

Sales leaders and the executive team benefit from seeing:

  • Combined information about salespeople to track their sales by month
  • Top Ten Customers based on revenue
  • Warehouse Information to see how many lines were picked day-by-day to monitor how our warehouse resources are being used

Each of these areas can be served up in role-based, easily customizable dashboard in Prime FoodService Software. Since Prime FoodService is a single system that touches all areas of the business, the dashboards give you a high-level picture of all of the relevant information you need to do your job, with the ability to drill-down into each data point.

See the Prime FoodService Software Sales Dashboard Overview: 


While we Prime FoodService has pre-built dashboards around industry standards, it is very easy to tailor your dashboards, queries, and reports if you have specific requirements.

See the Prime FoodService Software Dashboards in Detail:

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Originally published in January 2021. Updated for relevance and accuracy in October 2022.